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Using PC Software on a Mac

As Mac users, there are times we have to break down and utilize software which is only available for the Windows environment.

Parallels 7.0 Desktop for Mac

My current set-up is Parallels 7 with Win XP on a MacBook Pro, 17", 2.5 GHz, 4G RAM. I am successfully using Husqvarna Viking 4D Professional embroidery. I had no problems loading all the software and have directly connected the laptop to my Designer SE via the USB cord. Also I am using Electric Quilt 7 with no problems.

I find I prefer using Parallels instead of partitioning the disk with Bootcamp. Having to re-boot to get into the PC environment was inconvenient for me. I really like having the PC active in a window and the speed of the PC side has been fine for the software I use.

I still find the Delete key does not work for me with most of the PC software, so I just click on the delete icon in the menu bar or under the edit menu. A two button mouse is still nice to have, otherwise check the preferences (Parallels Desktop menu/Preferences) to see what key strokes are assigned for a "right-click". For me it is CTRL+Shift plus mouse click.

If Parallels is not "seeing" the HASP, check under the Devices menu, USB. For the HASP to be active there needs to be a check mark next to the HASP name in the USB list.

Vista or Windows 7 with Parallels -I have not upgraded yet to Windows 7 and never ended up using Vista. But I did receive an email from another Viking Embroidery user and she finally had success using the 3D (not 4D) software on a partitioned Mac with Bootcamp. She found help with the dongle drivers for Vista from the following website:

MacBook Pro partitioned with Win XP

I used to have a MacBook Pro, 15.4", 2.0 GHz, 1G RAM. Using Boot Camp from Apple, I partitioned my hard drive to add Windows XP Professional, SP2 without any problems. Then I started loading my PC software.

The Husqvarna Viking 3D Professional Embroidery software loaded just fine after I installed the latest dongle driver, HASP4_Driver_Setup. I also updated my 3D software to version 7.2. Running the embroidery software on the MacBook Pro is SO much faster than in the VirtualPC environment. My same external floppy drive works on this new computer and I have created floppies for my Designer 1.

Recently, I upgraded my Designer 1 to USB. I can read/write the USB memory/embroidery stick just fine. The Delete key still does not work for me with the 3D embroidery software, so I just click on the delete icon in the menu bar.

I did stop into my local Viking dealer to test my laptop with a Designer SE. I was curious if it would work, especially since I couldn't get VirtualPC on my old laptop to communicate with the Designer SE. After loading the software that comes with a Designer SE the two machines communicated just fine via the USB cable.

One of the down sides of this new dual boot set-up, besides having to reboot into Win XP, is that it is not as easy to move files between operating systems. The Mac OS X can "see" the WinPC partition. It shows up on my desktop as a hard drive called "No Name". I can copy files to/from this drive partition since I formatted the partition using the FAT file system. I have decided not to purchase software for the PC side such that I could write to the Mac drive since viruses are still an issue in Windows, even on a Mac. So just copy any files you need from the Mac partition to the PC "No Name" partition prior to rebooting into Windows.

VirtualPC on a Mac Powerbook

Previous to the new Intel Macbook Pro, I used Virtual PC from Microsoft. I'd been using this software for quite a few years successfully and originally started with Virtual PC version 4 (with Win98) and Mac OS 9.2.2 on a Powerbook G3, 500MHz. I have run successfully using Virtual PC version 5, 6 and am now using Virtual PC version 7, and OS X version 10.3.7 on a Powerbook G4,1GHz.

I had been using the Husqvarna Viking Professional Plus Embroidery System Software 6.0 and Autodigitizing software on my Mac in the Virtual PC environment. The USB dongles can be "seen" by the embroidery software and the MAC has the built-in capability to read/write PC formatted disks. There have been a few minor issues I've run into which are described at left.

When I received my Husqvarna Viking 3D Professional Upgrade, I upgraded my operating system in Virtual PC to Windows XP. I was not able to load the software on Virtual PC v6.1, but after I updated to v6.1.1 the software loaded just fine and sees the dongle. Now I am running the embroidery software successfully on Virtual PC v7. I did test my laptop with a Designer SE, and while VirtualPC recognized that the Designer SE was connected as a USB device, I couldn't get the two machines to communicate. Since I own a Designer 1, I didn't pursue the issue.

Minor Issues using the Husqvarna Viking Embroidery System Software and Autodigitizing software on my Mac with VirtualPC:

  • Dongle error - When Virtual PC is shut down in the save state with the dongle attached, and then started back up the user will get the message: USB devices must be manually selected. The saved PC state indicates that USB devices were connected before saving. USB devices may be used, but must be selected again from the USB preferences panel.

    The embroidery software can’t "see" the dongle now.

    Solution: Unplug and plug back in the dongle so the PC environment "looks" at the USB port again.
    I also found that if the dongle was unplugged before shutting down the PC environment to the ?saved state? then the dongle error did not occur.
  • Mouse - the one button MAC mouse can simulate the right mouse button by using ctrl-click or shift-click. This conflicted with the stitch editor ctrl-left click and shift-left click commands.

    Solution: Purchase a USB, 2 button mouse.
  • Delete key - the delete key on the keyboard does not work.

    Solution: Click on the delete icon in the menu bar .

The delete key on the keyboard work fine in other PC software I have loaded into the Virtual PC environment, i.e Windows 98, MS Word, MS Publisher and MS Frontpage.

In a few cases where the delete key hasn't worked, the alternative is chosing delete/cut from the menu bar.


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