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Circular Centerpiece Workshop

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Circular Centerpiece
about 19" diameter

Put those 10 inch, pre-cut squares to work by making a quick, easy circular centerpiece.  In class you will learn the reverse applique technique that requires no curved piecing.

Does not require bias binding.

Material fee:  $17

  • 10 inch acrylic Peekaboo Fabric Tools™
  • Pattern Tracing Cloth
  • Instruction Handout

The centerpiece can also be made with 2 - 20 inch pieces of fabric with center applique using the 3 inch acrylic Peekaboo Fabric Tools™.

More Samples made with the Peekaboo Fabric Tool

19.5" Round Table Topper made with 2 - 20" square pieces of fabric

19.5" diameter

19" x 19"

Round or Square Layout made with 10 inch square blocks

Charm Pack Mini Quilt
5 inch Peekaboo Fabric Tool
13.5 " x 13.5"

Charm Pack Mug Rug
5 inch Peekaboo Fabric Tool

Table Runner - 27.25 " x 9.5"
Cake Plate Rug or Candle Mat - 9.5" diameter

Projects created with the 5" Peekaboo Fabric Tool from two packages
of 5" precut squares from Quilting Treasure: Ombre Dots and Lola Textures

Thoroughly Modern Flower
14.25 " x 15.75"

There is no piecing in this quilt. The background is woven and
the large petals were created with a 3" and 5" Peekaboo Fabric Tool.

A Challenge Quilt
The theme was Butterflies, Batiks & Buttons
16" x 18"

The cutouts were made with the 5" and 3" Peekaboo Fabric Tools
in a solid piece of fabric. There is no pieceing in this quilt.

3 hour Quilt Top
38.25" x 34"

The top was created with 2, one yard pieces of fabric and
the cutouts were made with the 3in, 5in and 10in Peekaboo Fabric Tools.


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