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Check out Jennifer's newest quilt created
using a Fractal app, Frax HD, on an iPad.  
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Cosmic Swirl
19" x 13

So what is a Fractal?

Basically, it is a repeating pattern & a natural phenomenon.

The Fractal Foundation has a great one page flyer explaining the concept:  Click here for the flyer

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Quilter - Teacher - Lecturer - Author

Based in Santa Maria, CA, Jennifer Rapacki is a tech-savvy fabric artisan specializing in combining traditional quilting techniques with technology driven designs and inkjet printing on fabric. 

Jennifer teaches classes in Photoshop Elements for Quilters, Electric Quilt, Fabric Weaving & Tatting. She also has a lecture which explores the use of modern technology in quilting and includes a trunk show featuring quilts showing some of the possibilities. 

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"Creativity Unleashed:  Modern Technology for Quilters"

Just what can you do with Modern Technology in quiltmaking? In the lecture Jennifer shares her experiences and designs using Adobe Photoshop Elements, Frax HD, (a fractal app for the iPad), and Electric Quilt along with inkjet printing on fabric. Many samples of quilts will be shown along with a few quilts created with more traditional techniques. The lecture is a powerpoint presentation / trunk show format. 


  • Design That! Quilt with Electric Quilt (EQ)
    Increase your quilting creative potential! Take your design process to a new level by learning the EQ Quilt Design software. Hands-on class, laptop required. 1/2 day & 1 day options.
  • Modern Tools Sampler
    Hands-on class with a 1/2 day session each of  Photoshop Elements & EQ7; Hands-on class, laptop required. 
    1 day

NOTE:  Students can "try before they buy" with trial versions of the both software program.  Students can also use a PC or a MAC.  While Electric Quilt is now available for the MAC, the trial version is only available on a PC.

Jennifer personnally uses a MAC, and for PC only software like EQ7 she runs the windows software via Parallels.  If you would like to know more about how to use PC software on a MAC, click here.

  • Weave That! Creative Custom Fabric
    Jazz up that purse, iron tote, bag, quilt, shirt (the list can go on and on) with custom-made woven fabric. It's surprisingly easy to do and worth the effort. Students will learn how to weave 1” strips of raw edge fabric to create a whole new unique piece of fabric. Thread Embellishment adds the final pizzazz.   1 day.    Click here for more info and samples.


Lecture fee is $344 or $295 when scheduled with a workshop. 

Design That!, Pixelate That!, Print That! and Modern Tools Sampler Workshop Fees
Since these Computer Workshops are dependent on students having laptops, Jennifer has a flexible fee of $45/person for workshops of 6 - 10 students or a flat fee of  $475 for more than 10 students.  

Charm Pack Peekaboo, Weave That! and Tat That! Workshop Fees:  $475 (maximum of  20).

Mileage to Lectures/workshops scheduled in California will be calculated from Oxnard for events in southern CA and from Santa Maria for events to the north or east.  If you would like to discuss having Jennifer lecture at your guild meeting and/or schedule a workshop, click here to contact her now

Click here to view/download a Brochure


Can't make it to one of the classes or don't live in Southern California?  Jennifer can provide one-on-one training via the internet if you have a high speed internet connection.  Contact her for more information and fees.

Jennifer's Schedule


Jan 14, 2016 Desert Quilters of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
Lecture - Creativity Unleashed:  Modern Technology for Quilters
Workshop (Jan 15) - Weave That! Quilt Background or Pouch
Workshop (Jan 16) - Modern Tools Sampler
Mar 4 -9, 2016 Empty Spools Seminars - Artist in Residence
Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA
Mar 12, 2016 Coachella Valley Quilt Guild, Palm Springs, CA
Lecture - Creativity Unleashed:  Modern Technology for Quilters
Workshop - Weave That! Quilt Background
Mar 21, 2016 Conejo Valley Quilters, Thousand Oaks, CA
Lecture - Creativity Unleashed:  Modern Technology for Quilters
Workshop, Mar 20 - Print That! with Photoshop Elements
Workshop, Mar 21 - Weave That! Quilt Background
Apr 9, 2016 Meet the Teachers, SCCQG, Carson, CA
Apr 11, 2016

Valley Heritage Quilt Guild, King City, CA
Lecture - Creativity Unleashed:  Modern Technology for Quilters

May 22, 2016 Old Town Quilt Shop, Orcutt, CA
Class - Charm Pack Peekaboo Mini Quilt/Centerpiece, 10 - 4
click here for the class flyer
May 26, 2016 Manteca Quilters, Manteca, CA
Lecture - Creativity Unleashed:  Modern Technology for Quilters
Workshop (May 28) - 1/2 day tech, 1/2 day Peekaboo
Aug 25, 2016

Orange Blossom Quilters, Visalia, CA
Lecture - Creativity Unleashed:  Modern Technology for Quilters
Workshop (Aug 27) - 1/2 day tech, 1/2 day traditional

Sep 19, 2016 Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa County
Lecture - Creativity Unleashed:  Modern Technology for Quilters
Workshop (Sep 20) - Weave That! Quilt Background

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